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We produce our gear in limited quantities to avoid overproduction. That means our designs are limited edition and aren’t always restocked. When things sell out, we try to restock as soon as we can, but the health of our planet, you, and the people who make your towels always comes first.

About The Summer Chaser Towels.

Our eco-friendly towels effortlessly cover your beach, surf and yoga moments so you can pack less and experience more.

Compact, Sand Resistant and Eco-Friendly. Corner pocket design for your valuables. Created for a conscious traveller, a light packer and a beach bum.

Unlike other microfibre towels on the market, our debut range of beach towels is made by recycling used plastic bottles, dramatically reducing the impact of plastic pollution upon the planet.

The resulting textile is soft, durable and has a range of unique properties that only our towels can deliver.

We broke up with plastic mailers.

Your recycled towels ♻️ are delivered in compostable 🌱 satchels with 100% carbon neutral 🚐 service. Win, win, win! All pleasure - harm and guilt free!

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