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Who We Are

The Summer Chaser - Who We Are
The Summer Chaser is inspired by the Sea, the Sun and the desire to wander. We are bringing together a community of curious and conscious individuals who care about the planet as much as they love exploring its beauty and wilderness. Our mission is to enable sustainable habits whilst on tour through fun and easy to carry multifunctional products that aim to reduce traveller’s individual impact.

 Why We Are Here

Garbage on the beach


We love exploring the world and enjoy everything that travel brings us, from the colours of new cultures to those lazy coastal days. Yet, a walk on a beach also opens the eyes to the plastic waste spectacle that is present everywhere around the world. While tourism plays an integral part of the economies of many countries, it also contributes to a staggering amount of solid waste generation, including marine plastic pollution, loss of biodiversity and greenhouse gas emissions.

So at The Summer Chaser, our mission is to create versatile travel products that solve real problems for the traveller and help leave the world better than we found it.

Our debut range of beach towels is made by recycling used plastic bottles, dramatically reducing the impact of plastic pollution upon the planet and positively contributing to your personal sustainability goals. The resulting textile is soft, durable and has a range of unique properties that only our towels can deliver.

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