THE SUMMER CHASER | Sand Free Beach Towel for the Conscious Traveller – The Summer Chaser

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  • Meet your new travel companion

  • Inspired by the Sea, the Sun and the desire to wander

  • Created with You and the Planet in mind

  • Thoughtfully designed for all your adventures

  • Eco-friendly, Practical and Multipurpose

Meet your new travel companion

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Inspired by the Sea, the Sun and the desire to wander

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Created with You and the Planet in mind

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Thoughtfully designed for all your adventures

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Eco-friendly, Practical and Multipurpose

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Designed for a light packer & a beach bum

Practical zip corner pocket on The Summer Chaser beach towels to stash valuables

Stash Zip Pocket

Whether on the beach, by the pool or at a yoga class, conveniently keep the things you need within arm's reach.

Close up of a towel made of certified post-consumer recycled yarns by The Summer Chaser

Beyond the Good Looks

Remember that guilty bottled water you drank at an exotic destination? Now it's your towel. Karma points added. Less plastic bottles in the landfill or, worse, the ocean.

The Summer Chaser travel towel comes with a matching drawstring bag

Keep It Neat

Every towel you order comes in a matching drawstring pouch. Handy for storing your clothes when splashing in the sea or neatly packing your towel after use. No more messy bag!

Perfect for your next adventure. suits your lifestyle.

  • Suitcase logo. The Summer Chaser travel towels designed for light and compact travel.
  • Beach logo. The Summer Chaser travel towels are sand-free, ultra-absorbent, antibacterial and quick-drying.
  • Yoga logo. The Summer Chaser travel towels are suitable for yoga practice and are a perfect size to place over a yoga mat.
  • Outdoors camping logo. The Summer Chaser travel towels are great for outdoors, as they are compact and lightweight.


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“More than 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year.”

We are here to break the cycle of plastic entering the oceans by supporting waste collection and recycling one towel at a time.

With your help, we can divert waste away from the landfills and the oceans.

What moves us

A better towel for you and the planet

Discarded single-use plastics reincarnated.

We are making the most out of the resources we already have.

Turning trash into treasure cleans our planet of waste, weakens dependence on petroleum, saves energy and vastly reduces carbon emissions.

our sustainable textile


Absolutely stunning designs, and excellent quality. The towels are beautifully packaged in a handy bag which is great to store all your other bits whilst using the towel. I honestly didn’t think it would be possible to have a sand-free towel but this amazing product does exactly what it says on the tin! I love the fact these beauties have been made out of recycled plastic to save our planet and the ocean!

Florence P.

Every travel/yoga/beach lover needs this in their life! As full-time travellers, we love how small they fold. The fabric that is made out of recycled plastic feels great on your skin and dries super fast. As we do a lot of (hot) yoga, they are absolutely perfect to place over studio mats. We use the secret corner pocket for our valuable stuff when we go out for a surf, which is such a clever feature. We’re total fans!

Chantal V.

Outstanding quality, not an average thin and flat microfibre. The fabric is very textured and rich and doesn't cling to the skin. I was completely sold on the versatility, and now I can see how this towel will travel with me everywhere: camping, beach, outdoor activities. I didn't know that a fabric can be made out of recycled bottles - I am now paying more attention to the content of other products I buy. 

Norris Z.

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